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Data Centers

Data Centers require power feeder systems that are efficient, reliable and secure. In addition, data centers are currently growing in size and scale at an astonishing rate and are often changing and evolving in physical design and power requirements.

MAXIAMP Underground is the perfect system to satisfy the modern data center:

  • Size compared to underground duct banks, MAXIAMP Underground's size means less valuable real estate is required for your power feeder system. Routing of the system is also much easier as MAXIAMP Underground can achieve 90 degree bends in as little as a 12" radius!

  • Safe: placing the power feeder system underground in a concrete vault keeps it secure. Our patented offset vents ensure the power feeder system is kept secure and clean, unlike alternatives that leave the system open to above via simple grate.

  • Reliable: MAXIAMP Underground maintains a consistent ampacity rating from source to destination, that means a continuous conductor from outside to inside, from underground to above ground (or vice versa) without expensive tap boxes or pull boxes. MAXIAMP Underground is impervious to moisture unlike bus duct systems.

  • Modular: unlike other power feeder systems, MAXIAMP Underground can be re-opened, expanded or even moved to  a different location! 

  • Free Air Ampacity rating underground is a huge deal for the large power requirements of today's data center. It means more power can be carried across smaller/fewer cables - simplifying design and installation, as well as offering cost savings. 

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