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US PAT. NO. 10,141,731

MAXIAMP Underground has been awarded Consulting-Specifying Engineer Magazine's 2019 Product of the Year!



MAXIAMP Underground is the most technically advanced below grade power feeder system on the market. It is typically used as a primary, secondary or backup power feeder from 1000A to 8000A and 480V to 46kV. 

The engineered system combines a MAXIAMP Cable Bus with United Wire & Cable's proprietary, specially designed precast concrete trench with offset vents that enable the power feeder system to achieve free air ampacity rating below grade. Proprietary power venting technology can be used for higher ampacity requirements.

United Wire & Cable has partnered with Trenwa, Inc., the industry leader in precast concrete trench systems as a preferred supplier for our MAXIAMP Underground Cable Bus system. 

Achieving free air ampacity rating enables three key advantages for MAXIAMP Underground:

  1. It allows us to use smaller and/or fewer cables to deliver the same amount of power - resulting in cost savings.

  2. It requires significantly less space underground to install comparative to a typical duct bank installation.

  3. It requires less labor to install compared to underground duct bank.

Since mechanical protection is provided by the enclosure, MAXIAMP Underground uses unarmored power conductors that are fully insulated from termination to termination which provides key advantages over other power feeder systems:

  1. Power conductors are impervious to moisture and the elements. This provides the safest and most reliable power when compared to  bus duct installations which will fail in the event of moisture ingress. MAXIAMP will provide years of reliable services outdoors. In fact, MAXIAMP can even be installed underwater!

  2. Unarmored power cables are much easier to install, bend and terminate

MAXIAMP Underground is 

  • Loved by Engineers for its design flexibility

  • Loved by Electricians for its ease of installation

  • Loved by Owners for the years of secure, reliable & safe  power provided by MAXIAMP Underground!  

MAXIAMP Underground

System Overview

Cycle through the slides below to learn about the components that comprise the MAXIAMP system



Special CSA certified multi-level enclosure provided a combination of straight, fixed, and adjustable bend sections consisting of at least 4 I-beams and specially vented top and bottom covers. 

Vertical and horizontal bends are available in 90 and 45 degrees.

Stainless Steel enclosure is available for harsh environments.


Still designing and installing Duct Bank? 
See why MAXIAMP Underground is the better solution!


Underground Duct Bank

Required cable spacing between cables and multiple circuits demands a significant amount of real estate.

Typical trenching requirements are 16 feet wide (tapered for safety) and 5+ feet deep. 

Electrical Duct Bank Installation

MAXIAMP Underground

The system is incredibly compact and small requiring very little, if any, excavation space. 

Typical trenching requirements are 40 inches(!!) wide by 30 inches(!!) deep for the same ampacity requirements.

Electrical Duct Bank Installation

Underground Duct Bank

The ability to expand or repair the duct system after installation is very difficult, restrictive, disruptive and expensive due to the need for more real estate. 

MAXIAMP Underground

MAXIAMP Underground systems feature a trench lid that is removable. This enables a system that is easily accessible and thus simple to expand with additional cables at a later date. 


Underground Duct Bank

Pulling cables through bends in conduit introduces risk of excessive pulling tensions, side wall pressure and potential cable tearing action by foreign objects in the duct.

Electrical Duct Bank Installation

MAXIAMP Underground

When installing a MAXIAMP Underground system the cable can be pulled or laid in place with ease and is always visible during the installation as well as for visual inspections after installation.

Electrical Duct Bank Installation

Underground Duct Bank

The ducts may shift and/or shear due to ground movement (e.g. frost heave), damaging the cables. 


In fact, a local utility representative informed us that they typically have 3 duct bank failures - every year!!!

MAXIAMP Underground

Concrete encasement and I-beam enclosure design of MAXIAMP Underground effectively protects the cables during ground movement.

MAXIAMP Underground has a perfect track record with ZERO failures!





MAXIAMP Underground Cablebus System is perfect for primary power feeder systems, backup generator circuits and anywhere you require the most reliable and secure system for loads of 1,000 to 8,000 Amps and has been used across North America for: Data Centers, Water Treatment Plants, Retail Distribution Centers, Transfer Stations, Manufacturing Plants, Pulp and Paper Mills, Large Agricultural Greenhouses, the list goes on. Here is a sample of some of our installations:


We are proud to provide power feeder systems to some of the world's most innovative and respected companies. Talk to us about your next project!



Want to learn more about how you can leverage MAXIAMP Underground for your next project? 

Our team of engineers and designers are here to help!

We will partner directly with you to design the MAXIAMP Underground system to your specific requirements and make the process as effortless as possible.

We provide shop and approval drawings for every system and will ensure we answer all of your questions at each step of the process. 


We even make it easy to get started!

You can fill out the quotation request form below, or reach out directly so we can walk you through the process.


Simply fill out the form below with as much information you can, and will reach out to you within 1 business day!

We value your business and will work hard to earn it.

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MAXIAMP and MAXIAMP Underground are brought to you by United Wire & Cable.

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